måndag 21 juli 2014

söndag 20 juli 2014

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fredag 18 juli 2014

torsdag 17 juli 2014

Some of my favorite Gifs

Here you've some awesome Gif pictures...

Response from a pornstar

I wrote a silly tribute "poem" to the adult movie actress Dahlia Sky aka Bailey Blue.
Posted it on Twitter.
And the day after, I got a response from her!!!

I'm so happy!
My biggest Idol wrote a short response! 

måndag 14 juli 2014

söndag 13 juli 2014

Gif image...

Short gif image with me...

Cum in my ass, movie

Short clip of me getting a load of cum in my ass.
A hard fuck video with Bailey Blue

A short compilation:
from the movie : Rocco's coming in america with Bailey Blue aka Dahlia Sky.

She really knows how to "recive" cock from Rocco!

Link to movie:

A Tranny/Crossdresser in Sweden

How is it to be a tranny here in Sweden?
Well it's totaly ok.
A lot of the hetero guys here are really intrested in meeting a tranny.
Some of them would say that it is the best of 2 worlds.

So I like beeing a tranny.
Thank you all wonderful guys that I've met.

fredag 11 juli 2014

I took some pictures today..
and I though that I could share them with you..


Soon ready for a "date"
I hope that I look ok?

Rocco’s Comming in America including Bailey Blue (AKA Dahlia Sky)

Rocco’s Comming in America
I must say that I really love this movie!
It’s as usaual a great movie with Rocco.
But I must say that it was in this movie I discovered one of the best female adult performers ever.
She was so awesome in this movie!
Her name is Bailey Blue (Dahlia Sky)
She is incredible!
As I said, a fantastic perfomance by her!
And the BONUS scene with her…
a kind of Behind The Scenes,
Oh my!!!  It must be the best Behind The Scenes movie
in all time!!! WoW!
sc_22569_09_19From the BONUS scene with Bailey Blue and Rocco!

Disappointment of the day

Today I was chatting with a guy on the community QX.se

It was a really intresting guy.
With a nick name that was giving a divination of the size of his “gear”.
So we decided to meet.. to have… what the heck.. I can say it.
We decided to meet and have sex.
So I was “prepairing myself for analsex with everything that involves anal preparation.
But when I was ready he wasn’t avaible and I didn’t respond to my messages!
So there I was… ready to be fucked, but abandoned.
So today ended with an unfucked ass…

Some pictures of Mimmi ts

Just thought I’d post some pictures of me …

Who is Mimmi?

Thought I might tell a little about who I am.
That said, I am a crossdresser. Or a Transvestite.
Living south of Stockholm in Sweden.
I have Asian origin but has lived in Sweden all my life.
What do I like?
  • having sex!
    (I’m passive so I’d rather be fucked than putting on)
  • to film and photograph the actual sex act.
  • like even a little kinky and odd sex that I do not dare to write here.
  • and of course… I love to watch porn!

My new blog

Then you have started a blog ..
Let’s see what this will lead to?
I have no idea right now…
But it will be exciting!