tisdag 12 augusti 2014

The very first time!

When I was 12 years so I had a guy friend. 
We went to the same class in school.
One day we where alone in my home and we talked about sex. He believed that most of the guys in the class had have sex with girls. 
But neither of us did have a girlfriend. 
He said that even guys could have sex with each other .. One had to fuck the other as a "girl." 
He persuaded me to try. 
We had looked at a porno (regular hetero) and determend to try to do the same. 
He was a bossy guy who always decided everything, so it had to be me who would receive. 
So there we where.. I had his cock inside my rectum. It hurt because we where bad on preparing ... 
But he thought it was nice and cumed inside of me. 
We imporoved and it was better for every time. That was a beautiful time. I enjoyed to receive semen. 
The Mimmi was born inside of me!

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